30 Years Old

ABV 52.4%
REVIEWED Issue 31, Issue 57, Issue 64, Issue 85
Brand: Brora
Expression: 30 Years Old
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 30 years old
ABV: 52.4%
Country/Region: Scotland / Highland
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
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Issue 31
Issue 64
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Brora (Closed 1983) Distillery, Brora , Sutherland, Highland , Highland, Scotland
Taster   Arthur Motley
Nose: Intense, with a sweet burning rubber, scorched treacle toffee, peat. An essential oil character too, somewhere between rosemary and tea tree. Some coal tar soap and ghee.
Palate: Spicy, peaty: kappow! The peatiness and the spices remind me of Moroccan food.
Finish: Harissa paste.
Comment: A real bruiser, that comes out with fists flying.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Hugely complex. Big, powerful, rich. Heathery smoke, lanolin. Sweet notes from oak, soft caramelised fruits. Also liquorice, light roasted coffee, serrano ham, candle wax and spent wick.
Palate: Fantastically complex, the notes on the nose plus a mouthfilling mix of sweet, smoky and dry.
Finish: Very long, spices, oil, fragrant smoke.
Comment: Complex. A remarkable malt that thrills but saddens. Here's another light that's gone out.
Taster   Michael Jackson
Nose: Hugely aromatic. Very distinctive. Resiny. Balsamic vinegar.
Palate: Spiced olive oil. A sweet mustard, then a hot one. White pepper. Cumin. Stinging, lively, with lots of flavour development.
Finish: Salty. Medicinal. Sudden TCP/Listerine.
Comment: Those startling, appetising aromas and flavours had me cooking in a new kitchen. I must have let the Sabatier slip. Why else the TCP?
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: Initially sweet then this lovely smokiness develops. There is a hot dry quality too, like warm sand or groundblack pepper.
Palate: Barley sugar sweets and soft fruits and apple skins. That smoke is more bonfire now with a peat edge.
Finish: Long with the smoke still going.
Comment: This is better than other Brora's I have tried. Balanced and poised.
Taster   Martine Nouet
Nose: Slightly butyric at start. Wet straw. Cowshed with a whiff of creosote. Dry seashells, tar rope. Vanilla rising up with caramel notes.
Palate: Very sweet then drying out on smoke and soot. Definitely phenolic. Earthy roots.
Finish: Dry, sooty, vanishing quite quickly then sweet maltiness coming back.
Comment: Dour at first then opening up in a delightful way. Take your time to get acquainted with this fellow and you'll like it.
Taster   Michael Jackson
Nose: Slow to develop. Delicate. Pine resin, wood glue, shavings. Toffee base notes.
Palate: Drying, then malty. Nice cereal development. Fresh egg pasta? Fruity (muesli?) character with water.
Finish: Smooth, confident. Sherry and bitter cacao in the tail.
Comment: Reticent at first, shows itself to be a well structured whisky delivering mature flavours.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Foursquare and solid. Musk. Lanolin and a butiric note. Smoke, cigar leaf, wet leather.
Palate: Immediate robust smokiness. Coal scuttle. Slightly biscuity. In time wood and a coriander seed spiciness. Slightly salty. The butiric note is just apparent. Rich and powerful.
Finish: Oily and long. Robust.
Comment: A big beast, but the butiric knocks its score down.
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