Private Collection Longmorn 46 Years Old, 1964

ABV 51.9%
Brand: Private Collection, Longmorn
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 46 years old
ABV: 51.9%
Country/Region: Scotland / Speyside
Bottling type: Independent Bottling
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Longmorn Distillery, Longmorn, Elgin, Moray, Speyside, Scotland
Taster   Martine Nouet
Nose: Obviously a very old fellow. Woody, musty, earthy. Damp warehouse.Walnut stain.
Palate: Extremely bitter. 99 per cent cocoa chocolate. Tobacco leaf. Wood, woodand wood.
Finish: Bitter, woody. Walnut stain.
Comment: More a liquid archive than a dram to enjoy. 46 years in cask have completelymasked the distillery character. So difficult to score such a whisky. If it isbased on the enjoyment scale, well, not for me.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: The colour of cough syrup. Dense and heavily sherried. Liquorice, blackcherry, dried sloe, raisin, tomato puree, prunes in Armagnac and a distinctwhiff of freshly-buffed shoes.
Palate: Balsamic. Tight, hard and tannic with lots of bitter chocolate.
Finish: Hard.
Comment: I'm the biggest fan of Longmorn but here the distillery's lost in an oak forest.
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