An Entertaining Read

An Entertaining Read

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Whisky & Culture | 15 Jul 2016 | Issue 137 | By Rupert Wheeler

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Two very different books are reviewed this month. The first being a book written by one of Whisky Magazine’s contributors, Martine Nouet. She is extremely well known in the whisky world and has been an innovator in pairing food and whisky. She travels the world hosting whisky dinners and in 2015 was awarded the prestigious Le Grand Prix du Livre Spirits for her book Le Guide Hachette des Whiskies. The photography is of very high quality. The other book, Iconic Whisky, is a must if you are interested in the categorisation of the main aromas of whisky and want to learn more about how to write tasting notes.\r\n\r\n
\r\nÀ Table
\r\nMartine Nouet
\r\nISBN 9780955565687
\r\nBookclub offer: £16.00 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £19.99)\r\n\r\nMartine Nouet, a contributor to Whisky Magazine, was brought up in Normandy where her mother introduced her to the delight of à table and she fained her deep appreciation of good food and drink. Later she became a journalist specialising in food and spirits. Her love of single malts brought her to the island of Islay where she has lived since 2008.\r\n\r\nHer new book hones her many years of experience in the world of cuisine and whisky. Divided into three sections with starters, main courses and dessert/cheese, it offers 60 different recipes. Each recipe has a mouth-watering image on the facing page, and a suggestion for the best whiskies as the perfect accompaniment. In addition, there is an introductory chapter which is devoted to the principles involved in the pairing of food and whisky. Beautifully presented with great images.\r\n\r\n
\r\nIconic Whisky
\r\nCyrille Mald & Alexandre Vingtier
\r\nISBN 978-1910254639
\r\nBookclub offer: £16.00 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £20.00)\r\n\r\nFeaturing 1,000 listed whiskies from around the world, this exceptional and unique guidebook is a must-have for whisky amateurs and connoisseurs alike. It provides a visual categorisation of the main aromas (nose, body, finish and strength), plus additional tasting notes based on the authors’ uniquely conceived aroma wheel. Including maps which illustrate geographical areas of production and different terroirs, as well as 3D illustrations of whisky production, Iconic Whisky provides an amazing wealth of information about the nature and origins of whiskies from all around the world.\r\n\r\nFrom different types of whisky to the different stages of the production process, grain types, casks, glassware and vocabulary, this book contains essential resources that all amateurs and professionals need to know.
\r\n \r\n\r\nTasting Whiskey
\r\nLew Bryson
\r\nISBN 9781612123011
\r\nBookclub offer: £10.50 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £13.50)\r\n\r\nMany factors contribute to the distinctive flavours and aromas of whisky such as charred oak casks, the grain and local distilling traditions. If you are fascinated with whisky and all its subtleties and variations, let Lew Bryson take you though the great whisky producing regions and discover the unique characteristics of each spirit.\r\n\r\n
\r\nMichael Dietsch
\r\nISBN 9781581573251
\r\nBookclub offer: £14.00 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £17.50)\r\n\r\nAccording to the author of this book, cocktail lovers have moved away from sweet and fruity flavour profiles to embrace the likes of Scotch, Bourbon and rye. The author is a professional cocktail maker and whisky expert and offers a basic introduction to whiskies, as well as cocktail recipes.
\r\n \r\n\r\nLet Me Tell You About Whisky
\r\nNeil Ridley & Gavin D. Smith
\r\nISBN 9781862059658
\r\nBookclub offer: £13.00 plus P&P
\r\n(RRP: £16.99)\r\n\r\nWritten by two well known whisky writers, this book is probably the best primer out there. There have been many primer books about whisky, but not one with such detailed and all encompassing scope. The book assumes that the reader has no prior whisky knowledge and explains the full whisky process in detail.\r\n\r\n \r\n
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