Routes to market

Routes to market

Rob Allanson

22 March 2013

Publication: Issue 110

Small and independent world whisky producers have been given a major boost with the launch of a new initiative which will allow them to sell even a single bottle of whisky directly to the British consumer.

The project has been launched by Glasgow-based Bondeau, a storage, logistics and distribution company, in association with freelance whisky writer Dominic Roskrow.

Under the deal Bondeau will provide a route to the United Kingdom market through a business platform which combines the latest e-commerce technology with a large network including extensive bonded warehouse space and full transport and distribution facilities.

Distillers will be invited to send stock to be kept under bond in Scotland, where they will retain ownership of it. Each distiller's sales web-site will be linked to Bondeau, this recognises a UK sale and sends the whisky out.

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