51-year-old malt joins distillery's exclusive collection

51-year-old malt joins distillery's exclusive collection

Fewer than 250 bottles of Tullibardine 1964 will be available.

07 January 2020

Tullibardine is raising a glass to the expansion of its Custodians Collection with a 51-year-old single malt.

The distillery's Tullibardine 1964 is the fourth addition to the range. Only 242 bottles will be available.

Produced from specially selected casks in the distillery near Gleneagles, Tullibardine 1964 is bottled at a strength of 40.4%. Makers at Tullibardine say it has a nose of leather armchairs and floral meadows and hits the palate with flavours of fresh strawberries, espresso and nutmeg.

It is in fine company in the Custodians Collection, which includes the distillery's oldest and rarest whisky, the Tullibardine 1952, the prestigious Tullibardine 1962 and the award-winning Tullibardine 1970.

Keith Geddes, Master Blender at Tullibardine, said: “The Tullibardine 1964 really is a work of art and its delicate yet distinctive flavours are certainly going to be something that people remember. It really captures the extraordinary work that goes into creating Tullibardine’s exclusive and limited edition whiskies, particularly our Custodian Collection, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this historic release with our customers.”

The Tullibardine 1964 is available worldwide.

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