A very whisky Christmas

A very whisky Christmas

Not done your Christmas shopping yet? Our third gift guide rounds up some great ideas for gifts for the whisky lover

08 December 2021

With a meagre two and a half weeks left until Christmas, the festive season is in full swing. Below are six bright gift ideas involving whisky, whether in a bottle or a bauble!


Smokehead, the intensely peated whisky range from Ian Macleod Distillers, has lots to offer those buying gifts for a peat-head. Its Twisted Stout (43% ABV), a limited-edition single malt part-finished in stout casks, is available now in a brand-new bottle, at RRP £49.99. The distillery says the whisky packs a peaty punch but is mellowed by the influence of the creamy, malty stout cask, which adds notes of rich chocolate, treacle toffee, vanilla ice cream, and more. Then, there’s the first ever pre-mixed single malt in a can – at RRP £2.50, it’s the perfect stocking filler! See the full range of Smokehead products here.

The English Whisky Company

Those with a sweet tooth will love the simple eggnog-inspired concoction of whisky and cream that is the Norfolk Nog. In fact, served by the fire on a winter’s eve, over plenty of ice, the Nog could most likely persuade those without one as well! Get a bottle – or several – of this liqueur here for £20.

Whisky Baubles & Crackers

The ultimate Christmas tree decorations: baubles filled with whisky! Such beloved drams as Bunnahabhain 12, Deanston 12 and Tobermory 12 are now available in handcrafted Christmas baubles. And as if that weren’t enough, each of the whiskies is also available inside a special Christmas cracker. Find these festive products on the respective distillery website.

White Dog Custom Whisky

Staffordshire-based spirits startup Mercia Whisky has launched White Dog Spirit – ‘white dog’ being the name for unaged American spirit – billed as “a distillery in a box” (£95). Recipients of a White Dog gift box will be able to customise new make (46%) by custom ‘ageing’ it with a choice of five American oak staves. And the experience can be repeated – Mercia Whisky will be selling refills of both spirit and staves in the new year!

Glen Moray Manzanilla Finish

The last Warehouse 1 release from Glen Moray this year is a cask-strength, Manzanilla-finished single malt limited to just 1,240 bottles. The distillery says the whisky evokes sweet ripe pears, chamomile tea, oak spice and saltiness. Get Glen Moray Warehouse 1 2008 Manzanilla Finish (54.6% ABV) in specialist whisky shops for an RRP of £74.95.

Bowmore Masters’ Selection

The first single malt whisky to be made by the two masters behind Bowmore and Aston Martin, Bowmore Masters’ Selection (51.8%) unites the continually evolving traditions of whisky making and automotive design. The distillery says that this mahogany-coloured dram, the perfect fireside treat, exhibits sweet and spicy notes from sherry and coffee to honey and pepper. It is available to purchase globally for an RRP of USD300 excluding VAT.

Happy holidays!

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