Annual Whisky Show Bottlings celebrate flavour profiles as superheroes

Annual Whisky Show Bottlings celebrate flavour profiles as superheroes

The collection is inspired by the theme of this year’s Whisky Show, A Journey Through Flavour

19 October 2021

The label designs were created by Elixir Distillers creative director, Raj ‘Mr C’ Chavda, exclusively for The Whisky Exchange. He said: “When considering the show theme, I started to think about what makes up flavours and imagined these compounds as the heroes of whisky.”

Chavda further drew inspiration from the so-called Silver Age of Comic Books in the mid-1950s to 70s, as he explained: “Once we had the selection of whiskies, we tasted them to pair each one with the artwork I’d created. For example, Ardbeg, ‘The Phenolic Phantom,’ was easy, because it was so distinctive with those smoky phenols – the chemical compounds within the peat smoke that are responsible for the distinctive smoky aromas and flavours.”

The collection also includes ‘Captain Congener’, a 20-year-old expression from a mystery Speyside distillery, ‘Ester Elektron’, a 19-year-old expression from Bunnahabhain Distillery, and ‘Aurora Aldehyde’, a 41-year-old blended Scotch described as possessing notes from glacé cherry to damp bark.

The labels are designed to be viewed through 3D glasses, which will bring their anaglyph layers of contrasting colours to life. The Whisky Exchange likens the illusion-filled experience of drinking whisky to that of viewing these images.

Ticket holders for both the physical and virtual Whisky Show 2021 on 1 October received first access to the whiskies, which are now available from

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