Bearface Whisky launches Matsutake mushroom-infused whisky

Bearface Whisky launches Matsutake mushroom-infused whisky

“Whisky the world wishes it could make, but only Canada can”

25 March 2022

Rare Matsutake mushrooms have been foraged to create new flavours in Bearface’s award-winning Matsutake Release 01, the single grain whisky that forms the first instalment in its new Wilderness Series. The series draws inspiration from the Canadian wilderness and makes use of the relative freedom to experiment allowed to Canadian whisky makers.

Andres Faustinelli, master blender at Bearface, said, “The Bearface Wilderness Series is another example of how we connect with nature and the elements to create whiskies that are wilder and more adventurous than anything else out there.”

The Wilderness Series comprises premium single grain whiskies infused with unusual ingredients foraged in the Monashee Mountains. The first release utilises a sought-after mushroom species that is difficult to cultivate but grows wild in British Columbia and can only be harvested only once a year. Its spicy and aromatic nature is especially prized in Japan.

This whisky has been aged in three different styles of sherry casks. As part of Bearface’s ‘Elemental Ageing’ process, the casks are matured in repurposed shipping containers, exposed to the extreme temperature variations of the Canadian wilderness.

The result is described as a complex, layered whisky, with nutmeg, cinnamon and rounded nuttiness, followed by a leafy earthiness and an umami finish.

Bram Bolwijn, sommelier forager at Bearface, explained, “In recent years, many of the world’s most acclaimed mixologists have been embracing the potential of umami-rich fungi as an inventive cocktail ingredient. The Wilderness Series: Matsutake Release is an exciting next step in our ongoing quest to create premium whiskies that are unlike any other in the world.”

Faustinelli added, “Here in Bear Country, we have the inspiration, and we have the freedom to make wild ideas happen. This is whisky the world wishes it could make, but only Canada can.”

Bearface has earned multiple international awards for its whiskies – most recently, a Double Gold Medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The new Bearface Wilderness Series: Matsutake Release (42.5 % ABV) retails for CAD$49.95 and is available across Canada (except in Quebec). For more details, see or watch the release video.

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