British food and drink savoured in Lisbon

British food and drink savoured in Lisbon

16 July 2001

Publication: Issue 17

The Single Malt Club Of Scotland was launched in Portugal at a ceremony held at the Ambassador’s Residence in Lisbon.
Over 100 whisky enthusiasts attended the event in April, including members of the press, restaurant owners and specialist retailers, as well as members of the social set in Portugal. The objectives of the club were defined by Luis Garcia, the Managing Director of Food from Britain in Portugal, an international consultancy organisation whose aim is to support food and drink originating from the UK. He stated that Portugal is one of the biggest consumers of whisky in the world and hoped that the club would further education of the drink and help develop even greater appreciation of the spirit.The Club’s activities will include regular tastings and nosings, and organising whisky trails in Scotland. Companies sponsoring the venture include: Cardhu, Johnnie Walker, Bowmore, Springbank, Glenfiddich, The Macallan, Glengoyne, Old Pulteney and Highland Park.

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