Bruichladdich unveils more sustainable design for The Classic Laddie

Bruichladdich unveils more sustainable design for The Classic Laddie

The new packaging for Bruichladdich's flagship whisky includes the use of recycled glass and the removal of its outer packaging tin

14 July 2023

Islay-based distillery Bruichladdich has overhauled the design of its signature The Classic Laddie with its most innovative packaging to date – reducing the CO2 emissions by 6 per cent through eliminating the secondary tin and introducing lighter recycled glass.


Containing an average of 60 per cent recycled glass, the redesign is 32 per cent lighter compared to the previous bottle. The packaging also requires fewer distribution vehicles on the roads and the ability to transport more bottles per pallet.


Customers had the option previously to opt-out of secondary packaging, but the brand is now removing this entirely. The creation of the tin for the expression was emitting at least 1kg of CO2 in its creation alone.


While the brand’s signature aqua colour remains, the new bottle uses an organic ink coating and the closure and cork are made from polypropylene, a synthetic resign made from bio-based sources.


Douglas Taylor, CEO at Bruichladdich Distillery, said “As an industry, we’ve become accustomed to believing that single malt Scotch whisky must come with outer packaging as standard. Where most other spirits travel around the world in just the bottle, the majority of single malts have an elaborate or heavy secondary, outer pack. And it made us ask ourselves, why? Secondary packaging is not always necessary, and it’s certainly not sustainable.


“The new proprietary Classic Laddie bottle marks a significant step change for Bruichladdich. This is much more than a bottle redesign. It is changing the trajectory for the brand and the way that we operate as a values-led business.”


The distillery worked with global creative partner and Glasgow based design agency, Thirst, to redesign The Classic Laddie bottle.


Matt Burns, executive creative director at Thirst, said: “This bold and progressive design and brand identity is emblematic of the role we must all play in taking responsibility for the future of the environment, and provides and opportunity for like-minded purposeful drinkers to connect with a brand that represents what they value.


“It’s about leading the way in shifting habits – it proves you don’t need to have secondary packaging to represent luxury, quality or to be interesting.”


The re-designed bottle is now available to buy online at the brand’s distillery website and in stores across the UK at an RRP of £45.

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