Chivas Brothers launches bottled The Glenlivet cocktails

Chivas Brothers launches bottled The Glenlivet cocktails

The Glenlivet Twist & Mix range, featuring novel Vessl closure technology, launches in the US with two flavours, Old Fashioned and Manhattan

08 August 2023

Chivas Brothers has unveiled a new range of ready-to-drink cocktails featuring The Glenlivet single malt.


The Glenlivet Twist & Mix cocktails range launches exclusively in the US from August with two classic flavours: Old Fashioned and Manhattan.


They are the first spirits product to use a patented Vessl closure and mixing solution. The closure is designed to remove oxygen from the bottle and replace it with a non-reactive gas, such as nitrogen, helping to preserve perishable ingredients in the drink for longer. It also contains a small capsule of additional ingredients and flavourings that are added to the drink just before pouring to ensure the cocktail is as fresh as possible.


It isn't the first time that Glenlivet has trialled a novel presentation format for a cocktail – its short-lived Capsule Collection, launched in 2019, comprised single-serving whisky cocktails that were contained within an edible biodegradable membrane.


Jayne Murphy, global marketing director for malts at Chivas Brothers, said: “For nearly 200 years The Glenlivet has broken tradition, so it’s in our pioneering spirit to, together with Vessl, develop a new way to enjoy ready-to-drink cocktails – unleashing a fresh, elevated at-home experience that meets global consumer demand. We caused a bit of a stir when we launched The Glenlivet Capsule Collection back in 2019 —but now we think the world is ready for perfectly-made single malt whisky cocktails.”


Yogesh Gandhi, Chivas Brothers' global head of innovation, added, “This project provided us with the challenge of reinventing the ready-to-serve experience within a highly competitive market segment. What has been achieved puts the consumer at the heart – no mess, fuss or skill required to create a bartender-level, freshly mixed cocktail in seconds.” 


Walter D. Apodaca Jr, founder and CEO of Vessl, said: “We are impressed with how The Glenlivet has adopted our technology to create high quality, freshly mixed ultra-premium craft cocktails at home. This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking use of the Vessl technology we envisioned.”


The Glenlivet Twist & Mix cocktails debut in 375ml bottle size, each containing eight servings, exclusively in the US this month for a recommended price of $21.99, with further markets to be announced.

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