Coachbuilt Whisky partners with Rolls-Royce London on limited edition

Coachbuilt Whisky partners with Rolls-Royce London on limited edition

The Coachbuilt x Rolls-Royce London 30 Years Old blended whisky is the second release from the brand, co-founded by racing driver Jenson Button

24 April 2023

Coachbuilt Whisky, the brand co-founded by British racing driver and former Formula One world champion Jenson Button, has launched a limited-edition expression in partnership with Rolls-Royce London.

The Coachbuilt x Rolls-Royce London 30 Years Old blended whisky comprises a mix of malt and grain whiskies, primarily matured in sherry casks, some of which have been aged for up to 35 years. The bottles are presented in a co-branded engraved box finished with embossed leather. Just 3,000 bottles are being released, priced at £1,500 – 1,500 will be offered to Rolls-Royce customers on launch, with the other 1,500 available to purchase via a ballot.

Coachbuilt x Rolls-Royce London 30 Years Old

Button and his Coachbuilt co-founder, whisky writer George Koutsakis, launched the Coachbuilt Whisky 'Original Blend' in 2022.

At the launch of the Rolls-Royce collaboration, Koutsakis said: "When we started Coachbuilt a year ago, the goal was always to work with luxury car brands on special releases, and draw the parallels between the two worlds of blended whisky and expertly built cars. To work with Rolls-Royce London as our first such partnership is nothing short of a dream come true. When it comes to quality, craftsmanship, luxury and elegance, the Rolls-Royce brand is second to none, and being able to create a whisky to mirror that level of quality was, of course, a challenge. Yet, we have managed to create a whisky that is personally one of the best I've tasted."

Button said: "It's really quite incredible to think we are only just celebrating Coachbuilt's first birthday, and to see how far we have come in that time. Seeing Coachbuilt partner with brands such as Rolls-Royce London was always the dream but to see that become a reality in 12 months is really rather special."

Tasting notes supplied by Coachbuilt Whisky for the new 30 Years Old say it has "elegance, depth, and maturity", with notes of red fruit, winter spice, coffee, toffee, and candied nuts.

For more information on the Coachbuilt x Rolls-Royce London limited edition, and to enter the ballot to purchase a bottle, go to

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