Cocktail of the Week: Herbed Honey Smash

Cocktail of the Week: Herbed Honey Smash

When urban beekeepers and bartenders meet

10 September 2021

While being well established in the whisky world, with its ‘The Golden Dram’ nickname, Aberfeldy is also paving the way in its commitment to environmental sustainability. Through its annual Barrel & Bees programme, Aberfeldy unites local urban beekeepers with bartenders around the globe to raise awareness of the importance of the honey bee.

This year, the Barrels & Bees programme showcases honey laced cocktails from 80 leading bartenders across the country. For our cocktail of the week, Aberfeldy has created a serve that perfectly utilises local honey to highlight the whisky’s profile.


60ml ABERFELDY 12 Years Old
45ml lemon juice
30ml local honey syrup*
4-6 leaves of soft herb (for example basil or mint)


Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake thoroughly and pour into a small glass filled with ice. Garnish with you fresh herb of choice and enjoy!

*To make honey syrup, combine equal parts local honey and hot water and stir until honey dissolves

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