Compass Box adds Orchard House to Blended Malt range

Compass Box adds Orchard House to Blended Malt range

Designed as a crowd-pleaser with its fruit-forward profile, Orchard House is expanding the spectrum of flavour available in its Scotch whiskies

07 September 2021

Compass Box has announced the addition of Orchard House to its signature range of whiskies. The blended malt is set apart from the core range, using malt spirit sourced by Compass Box nearly a decade ago and a lighter oak influence. The new expression is now widely available in the UK, to be produced year-round.

Compass Box founder and whiskymaker John Glaser said: “Orchard House is our first core range whisky produced almost entirely from whiskies we have aged since the day they were distilled. In a sense, it’s more ‘our whisky’ than anything we’ve made before. We are so proud of this. Something new, something different for us. Something joyful. And delicious.”

The majority of the recipe is made from stocks of spirit purchased from distilleries renowned for their fruit-forward flavour, then these spirits are then aged in a variety of casks.

With the upcoming gifting season in mind, Orchard House is designed to excite whisky-lovers and newcomers alike.

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