Compass Box unveils second whisky in Extinct Blends Quartet

Compass Box unveils second whisky in Extinct Blends Quartet

The limited-edition expression, Delos, is inspired by Compass Box's extinct Asyla blend

20 January 2023

Scotch whisky maker Compass Box has unveiled the second limited-edition release in its Extinct Blends Quartet series: Delos.

Available from February 2023, Delos has been inspired by Compass Box's extinct blend Asyla, which launched in 2001 and was a cornerstone of the company's core range until its retirement in 2018.

Delos takes its name from a Greek island said to be the birthplace of the god Apollo. To recreate Asyla's "vibrancy and soothing sweetness" in the new expression, Compass Box's whisky-making team delved into some of the older and rarer liquid from their stocks. The final blend of grain and malt whiskies includes spirit from the Glen Elgin, Imperial and Miltonduff distilleries, all aged in American oak barrels. Only 5,520 bottles will be made available worldwide.

Its art label features a lute player first depicted on the original Asyla label, who has been reimagined in mosaic form and her flute replaced with a lyre, an instrument classically associated with Apollo.

James Saxon, Compass Box lead whisky maker, said: "While inspired by the style and recipe structure of Asyla, Delos has richer and rounder flavours from using older stocks of whiskies which amplify the character, bringing more grandeur to it and making it more resonant. The delicate mouthfeel and transportive aromas within Delos are nevertheless familiarly delicious. For me, sipping Delos feels like a holiday."

Delos is the second release from Compass Box's Extinct Blends Quartet series, which will reappraise four distinctive blended Scotch whiskies. The first, Ultramarine, was released in mid-2022; the remaining two expressions will be released in late 2023 and early 2024.

Compass Box Delos is bottled at 49% ABV and is available at a recommended price of £265.

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