Daftmill aims for whisky lovers

Daftmill aims for whisky lovers

New whisky to be released by the dram to foil flippers

21 October 2019

In what might just be an industry first, Fife- based distillery, Daftmill, has launched its latest single cask whisky in a ‘by the dram’ initiative in a bid to reach the palates of ‘genuine whisky lovers.’

This idea was born as an attempt to foil the auction flippers; people who buy bottles to then sell on auction sites later. New distilleries are often the target for this type of buyers, and Daftmill is not immune to the practice. Earlier this year, it released a series of single casks which sold out in a matter of minutes; a number of them reappeared in the following weeks on auction sites at vastly inflated prices. By releasing Cask 2008 #68 exclusively by the measure, the distillery team is hoping for the whisky to end up in the hands of genuine whisky lovers.

Francis Cuthbert of Daftmill said he had teamed up with Berry Bros. & Rudd and The Independent Whisky Bars of Scotland group, to release the whisky.

He said: “As much as we appreciate the high demand for our whisky, we’ve always distilled with the goal of it being opened and drunk by people that really enjoy a dram. Releasing this single cask with The Independent Whisky Bars of Scotland is a great way to ensure that every bottle we release will be opened and drunk over the next few months.”

Jonny McMillan of Berry Bros. & Rudd, wh adds; “This is a really exciting and innovative idea from Daftmill. There is a lot of conversation in the whiskysphere around how to fight ‘bottle flippers’ and releasing a very desirable single cask of whisky purely for sale by the dram is a wonderful idea that really speaks to how much Daftmill values its fanbase.”

Bottles of Daftmill Single Cask 2008 #68 will be available through The Independent Whisky Bars of Scotland bars from 1st November 2019 at of £10 per 25ml.

The bars include: The Ardshiel (Campbeltown), Artisan (Wishaw), The Bon Accord (Glasgow), Dornoch Castle Hotel (Dornoch), Fiddlers Inn (Drumnadrochit), The Highlander Inn (Craigellachie) and The Malt Room (Inverness).

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