Dalmore Distillery announces investment programme proposing new facility

Dalmore Distillery announces investment programme proposing new facility

The new facility is said to focus on sustainable standards

10 May 2022

Dalmore Distillery has announced a new capital investment programme, proposing a new whisky making facility and visitor experience, whilst maintaining the distillery’s distinctive character.

Marking the heart of the reimagined distillery will be a Pagoda sat atop The Old Dalmore Kiln, with the existing estate to be repurposed in efforts to create a new established home for single malt.

It’s hoped that the investment will cement a sustainable future for The Dalmore, whose parent group, Whyte and Mackay Ltd, published their sustainability strategy last year. Titled The Green Print, the strategy set out is to become Net Zero by 2040, with one of the biggest goals of the transition to focus on green energy solutions and sustainable standards.

The future ambition of Dalmore Distillery is something that cannot be understated. When Master Distiller Richard Paterson was asked what the greatest whisky Dalmore has ever made is, the reply was simply “We haven’t made it yet.”

Founded in 1839, The Dalmore has specialised in Single Malt Scotch whisky, with claims to be the fastest-growing single malt as well as achieving a record-breaking performance at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction. The Dalmore single malt Is available worldwide in select stores, as well as Emirates First Class and onboard the Queen Mary II of Cunard.

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