Diageo honours key contributors to Scotch whisky at Keepers of the Quaich banquet

Diageo honours key contributors to Scotch whisky at Keepers of the Quaich banquet

A number of key employees and stakeholders have been recognised by Diageo in honour of their exceptional contribution to Scotch Whisky.

15 April 2022

The bi-annual banquet is hosted from Keepers of the Quaich, an international society established by the Scotch whisky industry to celebrate the outstanding commitment of those involved at all distilling stages.

Diageo are an industry leader in beverage alcohols, with some of the most recognisable brand names across the world. The recent banquet was held April 4th 2022 at Perthshire’s Blair Castle, with a number of honourees.

30-year industry veteran Edward Pilkington – Diageo’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for North America – is among those honoured, celebrating his contribution to the growth of Scotch for the company globally.

The banquet marked Ian Smith’s first foray into the role of Chair of Keepers of the Quaich, a leadership position responsible for running the Keepers Management Committee and holding a three-year term presiding over the ceremony.

“It is a real privilege to lead Keepers of the Quaich and to be able to celebrate people from all around the world, from a vast range of backgrounds, who have made exceptional contributions to Scotch whisky,” said Smith. “It was a delight to welcome guests from 15 different countries, representing every aspect of whisky from grain to distillery, to glass, and to celebrate their outstanding achievements.”

Ian Smith

Eight nominees were accepted as Keepers of the Quaich including employees and stakeholders of Diageo, for their contributions to Scotch whisky. These include: Julie Bramham (Global Brand Director), James Mackay (Head of Rare & Exceptional Spirits), Prathmesh Mishra (Chief Commercial Officer), Jackie Robertson (Master Distiller), Claudia Schubert (President of US Spirits), Shatbhi Busa (Partner, Creative Consultants), Puneet Chhatwal (CEO, The Indian Hotels Company Ltd) and Manish Pardasani (Director, Mumbai Wines & Trades Private Ltd).

Speaking of the event, Diageo’s Senior Global Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador Ewan Gunn said:
“It has been fantastic to see such recognition for those across our Scotch whisky teams in Diageo and our partners in India at this year’s Keepers of the Quaich banquet – creating a valuable moment for us all to come together and celebrate their important contribution to this spirit, craft and industry that means so much to us all.”

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