Explore Islay whiskies in 'A Passion for Whisky'

Explore Islay whiskies in 'A Passion for Whisky'

New book from drinks writer Ian Wisniewski explores the distilleries of Islay and their whiskies

06 November 2023

A Passion for Whisky, a new book exploring the distilleries of Islay, has been published.


Written by experienced spirits writer and Whisky Magazine contributor Ian Wisniewski, A Passion for Whisky explores how the Hebridean island became one of the foremost centres of whisky, creating malts "that captivate the world".


In the book, Wisniewski explores the geographical, cultural, and historical factors that helped Islay to become a whisky-making hub, from its climate to its communities. It highlights the innovations that producers have used across the decades and the prevalence of peat use among the island's distilleries – the globally recognised hallmark of Islay whiskies.


The book features profiles on Islay's 13 distilleries, from Ardbeg and Laphroaig to Ardnahoe, with tasting notes for selected malts from each. It also includes sections on production methods and tasting techniques.


Scotch whisky authority Charles Maclean said of the book: "At once affectionate, knowledgeable and entertaining, this engaging book is essential reading for any fans of Islay whisky."


A Passion for Whisky is published by Octopus Publishing Group. Find out more, including where to buy, at hachette.co.uk.

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