First batch of Railroad Rye unveiled by Brush Creek Distillery

First batch of Railroad Rye unveiled by Brush Creek Distillery

The spirit has travelled 1,200 miles across North American on a boxcar

11 May 2022

Brush Creek has unveiled its first ever batch of Railroad Rye, a Straight Rye whiskey that’s travelled over 1,200 miles across North America’s transcontinental railroad on a boxcar, to its home at the Distillery where it matured on a 30,000-acre cattle ranch in Wyoming.

The packaging is said to reflect the spirited and historical journey, while the spirit itself is described as strikingly bold, full of character and paying homage to decades of tradition.

There are only a limited number of bottles available – 3,000 to be precise – and each is sequentially numbered and referred to as “Boxcar #1.” Brush Creek Distillery plans. To make this an annual tradition, with each release set to showcase something different historically about the American West as well as differing proofs.

Railroad Rye bottle

Andrew Wason, Managing Director of Brush Creek Distillery, said: “After more than two years in the making, we are elated to unveil Brush Creek Distillery’s first batch of Railroad Rye,” said Andrew Wason, Managing Director of Brush Creek Distillery. “This project was inspired by the pioneers ahead of us, and like them, we dream big and work tirelessly to push the boundaries in the spirits industry.”

The goal of Railroad Rye is to promote the historical significance of the Utah Territory, where the Distillery is now located in south-central Wyoming, emphasizing the hard work that shaped new industries.

Railroad Rye is set to be available to purchase for the public at various liquor stores, bars and restaurants across the US, including Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana as well as select markets in Illinois, California, Florida and New York.

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