Glasgow Whisky purchases Speyside Distillery in Kingussie

Glasgow Whisky purchases Speyside Distillery in Kingussie

The Speyside Distillery site in Drumguish, Kingussie, has been purchased by blender and bulk whisky supplier Glasgow Whisky

28 April 2021

Glasgow Whisky has hailed the next stage in its expansion as the company announced its purchase of Tromie Mills Distillery Ltd, the company which owns the land and buildings comprising Speyside Distillery in Drumguish, Kingussie.

The current tenant and owner of the SPEY whisky brand, Speyside Distillers, announced plans to build its own distillery in the area earlier this year and will continue to operate from the Drumguish site until its lease expires in 2025. They retain ownership of the SPEY brand.

According to a spokesperson for Glasgow Whisky, the purchase did not include the site's distilling equipment (which will be retained by Speyside Distillers) and this means there will be significant investment in the site by its new owners once they take over. The Glasgow Whisky team plans to build a contemporary and more environmentally sustainable distillery that they say will nevertheless stay true to traditional whisky production techniques.

Founded in 2007, Glasgow Whisky has built a global name in bulk exports and branded cased sales of whisky. Owners Graham Taylor and Stuart Hendry have lauded the new deal as an exciting evolution for the business, which has the Speymhor and Cailleach brands in its portfolio.

Graham said: "The addition of a distillery in Drumguish is an exciting and natural progression as we continue to build for the future. Since our launch in 2007, we have seen significant growth in all areas of our Scotch whisky brands and products across the globe. The distillery will enable us to add to our portfolio and continue to supply our clients around the world with quality Scotch whisky."

Stuart added: "Our plans for the distillery will give us the opportunity to celebrate an established and known site, whilst bringing it into the 21st century in terms of distilling innovation, sustainability and production methods. We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to evolve our business."

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