Glencairn Named Official Whisky Tasting Glass Provider

Glencairn Named Official Whisky Tasting Glass Provider

Phoebe Calver

25 October 2018

In a recent announcement, Glencairn’s whisky glass has been selected by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, to be the organisation’s official tasting glass for this year.

The partnership will be showcased at the Distilled Spirits Council’s Halloween media party at the end of October, then featured at a number of Council tasting events, including events in New York and Washington, D.C.

Scott Davidson, new product development director at Glencairn said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by such a prestigious and influential organisation within the US drinks industry as their official glassware partner. Our design team has worked very closely with the Distilled Spirits Council to create a special version of our wee Glencairn glass for the occasion. We are excited to be able to showcase this to so many people within the spirits sector in the USA - one of our most important and expanding markets.”

Frank Coleman, senior vice president at Distilled Spirits Council commented: “These special Glencairn tasting glasses are works of art befitting our members finest products. Glencairn Crystal has created an extraordinary glass for us with our new logo and tagline: Celebrate Life, Responsibly.

“Further, it has the 1.5 oz mark of a standard serving of spirits, which is designed to emphasise moderation and the drink-equivalent message in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines,” he added. “These bespoke tasting glasses, while showcasing the luxurious quality of the whisky, reinforce the spirits industry’s commitment to responsible and moderate drinking.”

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