Glengoyne celebrates German whisky club’s reunion

Glengoyne celebrates German whisky club’s reunion

The distillery has gifted a bottle of its 50-year-old whisky

26 February 2022

When Highland distillery Glengoyne launched 50 Years Old, its oldest-ever whisky, in 2020, it pledged to gift one of the 150 decanters, priced at £24,500 each, to a group of friends, in order to make their post-pandemic reunion extra special.

Through an online ballot, groups of friends and family submitted a description of their perfect moment for savouring the 50 Years Old – whether toasting a delayed celebration or creating an unforgettable reunion. The winner, Christian Schüßler, promised to share the special dram with his local whisky club in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, at their first reunion since the start of the pandemic.
Toasting with Glengoyne 50 Years Old

Recently, Glengoyne’s global brand ambassador, Gordon Dundas, hand-delivered the bottle and gave Schüßler’s group a personalised tasting, captured here.

Glengoyne 50 Years Old comes in a special crystal decanter, featuring an engraved goose emblem representing the geese who migrate to the Glen each winter. Within each solid oak and gold display box is an individually hand-numbered book signed by distillery manager, Robbie Hughes.
Gordon Dundas and Christian Schüßler

The distillery says the expression exhibits notes including walnuts and red apples on the nose, molasses and liquorice on the palate, and black pepper on the finish. It is bottled at 45.8% ABV.

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