Glenmorangie raises a glass to aid giraffe conservation

Glenmorangie raises a glass to aid giraffe conservation

In partnership with Mothership, Glenmorangie has launched the Camel Leopard charity cocktail for World Giraffe Day 2021

18 June 2021

To celebrate World Giraffe Day, Glenmorangie has partnered with ‘makers of tasty liquor’ Mothership to create a charity cocktail.

The commemorative drink, made in support of the world’s tallest animal on the longest day for World Giraffe Day on Monday, 21 June, will raise funds towards the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). This is part of the distillery’s ongoing concerted effort to aid the animal in partnership with GCF and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS).

The giraffe has long been a beloved symbol of the Highland distillery. The Glenmorangie stills are the same height as an adult giraffe, allowing for more space for taste and aroma in the spirit. However, the giraffe faces serious threats in the wild, from poaching to habitat loss. Numbers have fallen by almost 30 per cent in just 30 years and some types are now critically endangered.

Earlier this year, Glenmorangie supported RZSS with the wildlife conservation charity’s creation of a brand-new habitat at Edinburgh Zoo, allowing giraffes to return to the capital for the first time in over 15 years.
Caspar MacRae, global marketing and business development director, The Glenmorangie Company

The ‘Camel Leopard’ cocktail features Glenmorangie Original and is available now, until 27 June, via Mothership’s website and across its three Edinburgh venues, Bramble, Lucky Liquor, and Last Word Saloon. All proceeds will be donated towards GCF in their efforts to raise awareness of the plight of giraffes. With tropical and fresh notes, the cocktail unfolds with layers of complexity, making it the perfect drink to raise a glass to these magnificent creatures.

Caspar MacRae, global marketing and business development director of The Glenmorangie Company said: “For over 175 years we have created whisky in stills the same height as an adult giraffe, with this wonderful animal becoming a much-loved symbol of our brand. It seems only right that we should lend our support to protecting their future through our global conservation partnership with GCF and RZSS.”

“We have been working closely with Jason, Mike and Jon at Mothership for years – having dreamed up many of the delicious Glenmorangie cocktails in the past. Together, we will work to protect giraffes in the wild and shine a light on their predicament before it’s too late.”

Jason Scott, co-founder of Mothership, added: “We’re pleased to once again collaborate with Glenmorangie, especially on such a special initiative, helping to save giraffes in the wild. With a balance of citrus, herbal and tropical flavours, this refreshing cocktail is perfect to raise a glass to the world’s tallest animal and enjoy on a long summer’s day.”

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