Rob Allanson

28 November 2008

Publication: Issue 76

Whisky expert John Black is celebrating 50 years in the industry and with family links to the whisky business dating back over 150 years.Having worked at distilleries throughout Scotland, John began his career in his home town of Cardhu,at the local distillery as a shift worker before progressing through the ranks to his current position at Tullibardine in Blackford.John has been distillery manager at Tullibardine since 1994, shortly after it was bought by four individuals, each with a passion for whisky and business.Combining a variety of skills, from guiding tours and measuring production levels to choosing unique flavours for a range of vintages and his own signature John Black Range – produced to celebrate his industry milestone.However John admits that, since he began his career, the industry has changed vastly with the distilleries and the way they operate altering beyond recognition at times.

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