Heaven Hill Distillery fills nine-millionth barrel

Heaven Hill Distillery fills nine-millionth barrel

The Kentucky-based distillery’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon hits a new milestone

04 January 2021

Following on from a challenging year, Heaven Hill Distillery has filled its nine millionth Bourbon barrel.

As the world’s second-largest holder of ageing Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, the family-owned and operated brand has reached a historic landmark.

“In a year defined by teamwork and perseverance, today we celebrate another historic Heaven Hill milestone as we fill the nine millionth barrel of Bourbon,” says Max L. Shapira, president, Heaven Hill. “This nine millionth barrel, a rare achievement in the industry, is a testament to Heaven Hill’s commitment to quality and consistency since 1935.”

The milestone achievement is the cherry on top of the cake that has been the distillery’s investment in American whiskey. With more than 1.8 million barrels ageing in 63 warehouses, the Bernheim Distillery is producing 1,300 barrels per day.

The innovation Heaven Hill is known for has recently been demonstrated with the launch of Larceny Barrel Proof, Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey, Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel and Parker’s Heritage Collection 10-Year-Old Heavy Char, which has showcased the depth of diversity available from the brand.

The new Bourbon Heritage Center tasting rooms and retail store were completed and a grand opening of the entire new center is on track for early summer 2021.

The nine millionth barrel will be put up to age in Rickhouse Y, where it will be displayed amongst Heaven Hill’s other milestone barrels.

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