Jameson launches Caribbean Beats 21-year-old rum cask-aged whiskey

Jameson launches Caribbean Beats 21-year-old rum cask-aged whiskey

The Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats has been released as part of the Irish Distillers-owned brand's Anthology collection

26 October 2023

Jameson has launched a whiskey fully matured in rum casks as part of its Jameson Remixed series.


Caribbean Beats, a 21-year-old Irish whiskey aged in rum-seasoned casks, is the next instalment in the Jameson Anthology, a collection which brings new flavours and dimensions to the world-famous whiskey.


It follows the release of the Jameson 15 Years Old Single Pot Still in 2022, which was designed to reflect the flavours of classic, but now discontinued, Irish whiskeys.


Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats is a blend of single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys that were laid down in rum casks sourced from Barbados. After 18 years of maturation, Irish Distillers master distiller Kevin O'Gorman transferred the whiskey to Selección de Maestros Havana Club rum-seasoned casks for a further three years.


The limited-edition whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV and is presented in recyclable packaging. Only 2,900 bottles will be made available exclusively online at jamesonwhiskey.com.


O'Gorman said: “Excited by a 2001 trial with Caribbean rum casks, through innovation, careful craft and over two decades of maturation, we worked to marry two traditional spirits together – Irish whiskey and rum – and in doing so, found the sweet spot where the rhythm of the Caribbean meets the beat of the Irish drum.”

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