John's Private Cask

John's Private Cask

Rob Allanson

28 October 2011

Publication: Issue 99

Canadian distiller John Hall’s unceasing travels from coast to coast across Canada have made him the best known distiller in the country.Each September Hall invites Canadian whisky aficionados to visit him at his Kittling Ridge distillery in Grimsby, Ontario, for a weekend of festivities. The reason to celebrate?The latest in his annual series of Forty Creek limited- edition bottlings. For 2011, Hall has selected 23 “over-the-top” casks of corn, rye, and malted barley whisky and blended them to create John’s Private Cask No. 1.Within the familiar creamy Forty Creek house style Hall has created a genuine “spice monster” – arguably his greatest whisky to date.

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