Jura distillery manager Graham Logan to retire

Jura distillery manager Graham Logan to retire

Logan is hanging up his work boots after three decades at the island distillery, with Jamie Muir stepping into the distillery manager role

16 November 2023

Jura has announced the retirement of its distillery manager Graham Logan after three decades working at the Hebridean distillery.


During his tenure Logan has helped Jura to become an internationally renowned whisky brand, as well as contributing to the growth of the Scotch whisky industry and to community life on Jura.


He officially marked his retirement at the Whisky Show in London in September, appearing alongside former distillery manager Willie Tait, whisky maker Joe Ricketts, and Jamie Muir, his successor as Jura distillery manager.


At this year's Jura whisky festival, Logan launched his own special release of Jura single malt whisky, the Logan Cask, which had matured in the distillery's Warehouse 2 and was bottled at 58.9% ABV, with just 200 bottles made available. The release also coincided with Jura's 60th anniversary of its rebirth in 1963.


Logan, a former Royal Navy engineer, began his Jura journey in November 1991. After his parents moved to the Isle of Jura, he joined the distillery as a trainee mashman. “[I] instantly fell in love with its remote charm and strong sense of community. I haven’t left since,” he said.


Over the next 25 years Logan rose through the ranks at Jura, finally being appointed distillery manager in 2016.


“It’s been an honour to serve the island and our distillery for all these years,” Logan said. “Jura is a lot more than just a whisky – and the work that we do here is truly special. I look forward to seeing Jura’s bright future ahead and I know the distillery in good hands.”

Jura's new distillery manager, Jamie Muir. Credit: Grant Anderson

Born and bred on the island, Jamie began his career at Jura in 2006 before moving to mainland Scotland to hone his skills at other distilleries. His return coincides with a new advertising campaign for the distillery, which invites audiences to ‘Say Hello to Jura!’.


“It’s a real full-circle moment, returning to Jura as distillery manager, having started my career here 16 years ago,” Jamie said. “I grew up on the island and have memories of football matches with Willie and sharing drams with Graham, so to follow in their footsteps is a real honour.”

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