Kingsbarns announce Distillery Reserve 2021

Kingsbarns announce Distillery Reserve 2021

"There’s a real balance to it, especially at such high strength"

05 April 2022

Kingsbarns Distillery have announced the last remaining bottles of their latest annual release, Distillery Reserve 2021. The bottles, exclusive to the distillery and its online shop, are priced at £65 and bottled at a cask strength of 61.8% ABV.

Isabella Wemyss, Kingsbarns Distillery production director, selected the first-fill ex-bourbon barrels (60%) and first-fill STR (shaved, toasted and recharred) red wine barriques (40%) in which to age this limited-edition spirit.

The nose is said to have “baking spices to the fore”, while the palate is described as “sticky stem ginger pudding” with a finish of “wood spice, clove and rhubarb & ginger jam".

Commenting on the Distillery Reserve 2021, Wemyss said, “Our annual Distillery Reserve limited-release has been incredibly popular with our loyal Kingsbarns fans, showing the evolution of our spirit... It’s exciting to see each release on our distillery birthday.

“For this year’s release, we’ve increased the ratio of STR casks in our signature makeup to give an indication of the ongoing maturation of our spirit. We’ve retained our light and elegant distillery character, with more spice and sticky fruit notes. There’s a real balance to it, especially at such high strength.”

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