Kyrö Distillery Company unveils its core whisky range

Kyrö Distillery Company unveils its core whisky range

The four whiskies in the Finnish distillery's core collection are all distilled from 100 per cent locally sourced malted rye

18 September 2023

Finland's Kyrö Distillery Company has unveiled its core range of whiskies – all made from malted rye.


Since opening in 2014 the distillery in Isokyrö has been dedicated to producing whisky (as well as gin) solely from locally grown rye. 


The newly announced collection of permanent expressions includes whiskies that have already helped the distillery to achieve a cult following, as well as new additions that showcase both its characterful rye spirit and the nature of its home country.


The Kyrö core whisky range comprises: Kyrö Malt, made with 100 per cent malted Finnish rye and aged in new American white oak casks; Kyrö Oloroso, matured in its namesake sherry casks alongside new American oak and ex-bourbon barrels; Kyrö Wood Smoke, made from malted rye infused with alder wood smoke and aged in ex-bourbon, new American oak, and French oak casks; and Kyrö Peat Smoke, produced with Finnish peat that formed from freshwater plants.


Miika Lippiäinen, co-founder of Kyrö Distillery Company, said: "We at Kyrö started to distill 100 per cent malted rye in 2014 and it has taken us nearly 10 years and two expansions to get to where we are today in both quality and variety of flavour. We're very proud of the fact that we get to pioneer a new category and a new region of whisky with our launch of our core range of four rye malt whiskies. All of them are distilled in copper pot stills from our locally grown rye with the production being powered by local food waste biogas."


The Kyrö Malt, Kyrö Oloroso, Kyrö Wood Smoke, and Kyrö Peat Smoke are all bottled at 47.2% ABV and will be available from 18 September through and specialist retailers including Master of Malt.

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