Lambay releases new blended malt Irish whiskey

Lambay releases new blended malt Irish whiskey

Lambay island is well-hidden, a paradise concealed just three miles off the coast of Dublin, Ireland – but the Lambay Irish Whiskey Company's new release certainly isn't being kept quiet.

News | 17 Sep 2020

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The tides are always changing on Lambay island, and the Lambay Irish whiskey team there are dedicated to innovating and creating new ideas within the craft whiskey category.

Now, they welcome the fourth addition to their whiskey portfolio, the new blended Malt Irish Whiskey. Made from a minimum of three variants of high-quality Irish single malt distillates, it is a delicate blend of both double- and triple-distilled malt spirit, and is a stand-out product on the market.

Created through a collaboration between Camus, the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer, and the Baring Family’s Revelstoke Trust, Lambay Irish Whiskey is a combination of centuries-old Irish whiskey-making expertise and five generations of French Cognac blending and maturation knowledge.

Lambay Malt Whiskey is crafted under the watchful eye of Lambay’s Master of Maturation, Yonael Bernard. All single malts within this blend are independently sourced, first bourbon barrel matured and then partially finished in hand-selected French oak cognac casks, as is the signature finish for all Lambay Whiskeys.

Included in this blend are Lambay Single Malt casks that have been exposed to the sea air and maritime winds on the island. Bottled at a higher ABV of 43% than the previous bottlings within the Lambay portfolio (their Small Batch Blend and Single Malt), Lambay Malt Whiskey offers gentle floral and malt notes, hints of tropical ripe banana, and exotic tones of cardamom and fig, before a finish of long-lasting malt and lingering sweetness. Before bottling, the island’s own Trinity Well water is added in the final flourish.

Due to the higher ABV of 43%, the Company recommends sipping neat and with an added pinch of sea salt to complement the blend. Alternatively, adding a small drop of water will effuse the malt and floral notes nicely, opening the notes of the blend.
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