Lambay Whiskey announces release of first age-statement expression

Lambay Whiskey announces release of first age-statement expression

The release is said to pay homage to its island home...

10 October 2022

Ireland’s Lambay Whiskey has announced the release of its first age-statement expression, paying homage to its island home and one of its most distinctive features.

Lambay Castle Prestige Edition 20 Years Old Single Malt is a limited-edition release, with 8,000 bottles being made available. Described by its producers as “the quintessential expression of the Lambay Whiskey brand”, the liquid was sourced from an Irish distillery and aged for 18 years in ex-bourbon barrels, then finished for two years in ex-Cognac casks – a hallmark of Lambay, which was co-founded by family-owned Cognac house Camus.

Lambay’s whiskeys are matured in its bonded warehouse, the Sea Cask Room, located on the windswept coast of its namesake island.

Jean-David Costerg, managing director of Lambay Whiskey, said: “With the prestige of five generations of the world’s finest French Cognac blending and maturation expertise, along with the impact of a unique maritime finish on our whiskey, our goal was to craft a single malt that has the spirit of Lambay to its core.”

© Norton Photography & Retouching 2022

Lambay master blender Yonael Bernard said: “Ensuring each cask receives the maximum benefit of the island’s unique microclimate of sea aerosols and pollens, this single malt is uniquely crafted to deliver on balance and aromatic intensity along with a depth of complexity and smooth taste, presenting a truly unique taste journey.”

Bernard continued: “Combined with our process, absorbing the finest elements of our pure maritime climate, and [being] careful not to oversaturate this fragile liquid with too much saltiness from the sea air, the art of our maturation ensures that the cask does not overpower the spirit but rather gently enhance it, acquiring a finesse in the final balance and taste.”

To mark the launch of the Castle Prestige Edition 20 Years Old, Lambay Whiskey has partnered with Dublin artist David Norton on a unique macrophotography project. Norton took a cross-section of some of the indigenous volcanic porphyry rock on Lambay Island and captured a slice less than 5mm long to “unearth” what lies within it. A limited run of 10 prints, each signed, certified and numbered by Norton, will be sold at auction, and Lambay will use the artistic collaboration for a new marketing campaign titled “Unlock the Untold”.

The Lambay Castle Prestige Edition 20 Years Old Single Malt Whiskey will go on sale throughout the EU, US, and Asia and is also available at

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