Lambay Whiskey releases Single Cask Strength, Batch 4 Cask 2545

Lambay Whiskey releases Single Cask Strength, Batch 4 Cask 2545

The cask-strength single malt is limited to just 409 bottles

24 September 2021

This limited-edition bottling from the Irish island distillery follows on from this year's spring release of Cask 4613.

Lambay single malt is triple-distilled, bourbon cask-matured, and finished in cognac casks from long-running family-owned cognac house Camus. The maturing casks are housed in the bonded warehouse known as the ‘Sea Cask Room’.

Lambay describes its Single Cask Strength expression as “a pure taste of island life”. This particular bottling is the fifth release in its Premium Cask Program. Jean-David Costerg, managing director of Lambay Island Whiskey Company, confirms that only 20 casks of this type will be released to the world.

The distillery says that its shoreline warehouse provides the perfect conditions for maturation as Lambay Island holds a micro-climate of its own, always one or two degrees warmer than the mainland and with sea-spray and the island's natural botanicals infusing the wood of the casks.

Darker in colour than its predecessor Cask 4613, this cask-strength whiskey is billed as “full of rich wood and floral notes”, with tasting notes from cherry to saffron. Each bottle is presented in a wooden case which communicates the location and details of the bottle’s particular cask to the consumer.

The whiskey is available now in Lambay’s online shop and in various European markets.

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