Laphroaig Bessie's legacy

Laphroaig Bessie's legacy

16 November 2001

Publication: Issue 19

Laphroaig Distillery has released the oldest whisky it has ever bottled, the very limited edition 1960 Vintage Reserve laid down by the legendary Bessie Williamson. Bessie, one of the foremost lady distillers and distillery owners, used European oak to mature this particular vintage rather than the more commonly used American oak bourbon casks. The barrels were left in Laproaig’s Warehouse No. 1 for 40 years before the whisky was bottled, un-chill filtered, at its original cask strength of 42.4% abv.Outside of the UK (notably in the US, Germany, France and at International Duty Free), Laphroaig 1960 Vintage will be packaged as Laphroaig 40 year old. As with the 1960, each bottle of Laphroaig 40 years old is numbered and bears the signature of Distillery Manager Iain Henderson.The international launch is in September, with the 1960 Vintage available to the public exclusively through Oddbins with each 70cl bottle priced at £375. For more details visit: www.laphroaig.comTo coincide with the international launch, we have two bottles of the Laphroaig 40 year old and associated memberships to the Friends of Laphroaig to give away. To have a chance of winning send your name and address to the usual Whisky Magazine address or e-mail Entries must arrive no later than Friday 30th November 2001

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