Laphroaig launches Elements whisky series

Laphroaig launches Elements whisky series

The Islay distillery will use the Elements series to showcase the raw ingredients and processes that go into making its single malts

17 October 2023

Laphroaig has announced the launch of its Elements whisky series, which will explore the roots of the Islay distillery's spirit character.


In the series' first release, Elements 1.0, the distillery team aimed to create a whisky that added new dimensions to Laphroaig's traditional flavour profile.


The resulting whisky has been produced from a mixture of cloudy and semi-cloudy wort, using both an 8.5-tonne and an 11-tonne mash, and uses 100 per cent Islay-grown barley.


Barry MacAffer, Laphroaig distillery manager, said: “Elements is a series that we hope will give our friends a peek into the art and science of making Laphroaig. Our distillery profile is so iconic and we always want to retain this as the heart of every bottle, while allowing room to experiment and innovate.


“This first release showcases the raw materials we use in our whisky, especially the 100 per cent Islay malt. As an Islay native this is an extra exciting whisky that I think will bring a little bit of our rugged island to friends around the world.”


As the Laphroaig distillery team grow and evolve the Elements series, each expression will include a number of hidden features, or 'easter eggs', on the pack to show the experiments that went into producing it.


Laphroaig Elements 1.0 (58.6%) is available from specialist whisky retailers from 19 October.


The distillery unveiled a new more sustainable packaging design in August, in line with parent company Beam Suntory's internal sustainability strategy Proof Positive.

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