Max McFarlane joins the Ardgowan Distillery team

Max McFarlane joins the Ardgowan Distillery team

One of the top whisky makers in the industry, Max McFarlane, has joined the Ardgowan Distillery team, with plans in place to create and release new series of whiskies this autumn

14 May 2019

After more than 25 years as whisky maker for Edrington, where he worked on brands including Famous Grouse, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu and Highland Park, Max McFarlane has joined the team at Ardgowan Distillery.

The new distillery which is currently under construction is located in his hometown of Inverkip, where Max will help the distillery develop its whisky-making skills and deliver a series of new whiskies this autumn.

“Our first whisky will be released in and around Inverclyde this autumn, and it will be the first of a series of affordable and accessible quality whiskies which we will issue in the years ahead,” says Max.

“When I first heard there would be a new distillery in Inverkip I knew immediately I wanted to be involved. It’s my hometown and I have long thought that Inverclyde is a natural area for a distillery… Of course, this will be a number of years away, but our new series will give us something to enjoy while we wait.”

Martin McAdam, the CEO of Ardgowan welcomed Max to the team: “Max is just a lovely guy. He is totally unassuming, and we are delighted he has chosen to work with us.

“Max knows so much about the industry. He is an expert in assessing new-make spirit and he is also working with the team at Ardgowan on our wood policy and production schedule. He has astonishing talent and is someone we can learn a lot from.

“By bringing Max on board now, and whilst we wait for our own product, we can showcase some really great-tasting, quality whiskies to establish the Ardgowan brand and give a sense of the kind of spirit the distillery will produce in the years ahead.”

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