Michter's announces release of Celebration Sour Mash 2022 Edition

Michter's announces release of Celebration Sour Mash 2022 Edition

The 2022 release is finally on its way to whiskey fans following supply chain issues which delayed shipping

25 January 2023

Michter’s Distillery has announced that it will begin shipping the 2022 edition of its Celebration Sour Mash in February 2023.

The release was originally intended to ship after its bottling in late 2022, but was delayed by supply chain issues involving the arrival of packaging. The 2022 Edition is the fourth Michter’s Celebration release, and the first since 2019.

When Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey was first released in 2013, it marked a significant moment in United States whiskey history. For the first time, an American whiskey company was offering a rare blend for a suggested retail price of several thousand dollars.

“It’s been gratifying to see how whiskeys made in the United States have garnered increased respect and recognition both at home and abroad over the past decade,” stated Michter’s president Joseph J. Magliocco.

Only 328 bottles of the 2022 Edition of Michter’s Celebration will be released worldwide. It is bottled at 112.8 proof/56.4% ABV and will have a suggested retail price of $6,000 per bottle in the US.

Each bottle of the 2022 Edition comes in a special gift box that has a drawer containing a letter signed by Michter’s master distiller Dan McKee. “This is the second time that I have had the honour of working with our team to produce a Michter’s Celebration release,” said McKee. “This edition contains whiskeys personally selected by me from seven extraordinary barrels: three of them Kentucky straight bourbon and four of them Kentucky straight rye.”

The seven whiskeys in this blend range in age from 12 to more than 30 years old. Michter’s master of maturation Andrea Wilson said: “This whiskey is an exploratory journey of aged bourbons and ryes blended to perfection that leaves your palate captivated with its bold elegance. I am thrilled with this release and very proud of the Michter’s team and our efforts to produce the best American whiskey.”

Michter's has released a video to showcase the Celebration Sour Mash 2022 Edition – watch it here.

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