Mortlach unveils 30-Year-Old Midnight Malt

Mortlach unveils 30-Year-Old Midnight Malt

The expression is valued at an RRSP of £3,700...

03 August 2022

Diageo has announced the launch of a new 30-year-old Mortlach Midnight Malt, said to be one of their richest expressions to date.

The liquid has rested in refill American Oak and European Oak combined, split to finish in Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum seasoned casks, then finally married in custom quarter casks.

Available from August, the expression has an ABV of 49.1% and a listed RRSP of £3,700.

Included in the product launch announcement is the following description, which has been written to help define the character of the expression to the public:

"When day transcends to night, light changes and shadows emerge. Mortlach Midnight Malt captures the feeling of this moment. Unexpected layers of richness and intensity emerge from a three-cask finish of bold provenance."

Whisky writer and expert Felipe Schrieberg was invited to taste the liquid upon its unveiling. Its appearance has been described as muted amber with excellent beading. The nose is described as having some initial prickle which settles in to reveal savoury and faintly herbal notes, while the palate is described as richly winey, with apple fruity notes combined with a long spicy intensity. For its finish, it concludes with a long, sweet and deep-flavoured peppery spiciness.

Mortlach 30-year-old packaging

The packaging is a moonlight blue fading into a sunset orange, with a lot of effort clearly going in to create a very presentable display box.

Diageo’s Dr. Craig Wilson said the following on the product: “There is an art and science to the creation of whisky, born of an unabating quest to wield flavour – a journey that is complex, evolving into unknown directions, only to finally reveal itself as the patient labour of a visionary at work.”

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