Mossburn Distillers launches Caisteal Chamuis

Mossburn Distillers launches Caisteal Chamuis

The peated blended malt Scotch whisky from the Islands of Scotland comes in two expressions

11 November 2021

Mossburn Distillers has launched a new brand of blended malts, Caisteal Chamuis, with two expressions: Bourbon Barrelled (46% ABV, RRP £39), and 12 Years Old Sherry Barrelled (46% ABV, RRP £49).

Two new expressions marry heavily peated whiskies, distilled on Islay, Orkney and Skye, with a double barrel finish, and both are uncoloured and non chill-filtered.

They are named after a medieval ruin, Caisteal Chamuis, also known as Knock Castle, which lies on a headland on the Isle of Skye. The once strategic stronghold is clearly visible from Mossburn Distillers' new distillery, Torabhaig.

Rick Bennett-Baggs at Mossburn Distillers said, “In Caisteal Chamuis, we have created a mystifying whisky from the Hebrides, celebrating the life and lore of a past that might have been at the [eponymous] castle. While the story may be mysterious, enjoying a good quality, peated malt whisky shouldn’t be, as we seek to transport drinkers and welcome them to the misty isles of the Hebrides.”

Caisteal Chamuis whiskies will be available to buy online and from independent retailers in over 15 markets including the UK, France, Germany in 2021, and in the USA in 2022.

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