New Guinness World Record achieved for largest bottle of whisky

New Guinness World Record achieved for largest bottle of whisky

Two casks of Macallan single malt have been used to create the largest bottle of Scotch whisky in the world

09 September 2021

Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc (FMH) and Rosewin Holdings PLC (RH) have joined forces with independent bottler Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky to achieve a new Guinness World Record for the largest bottle of Scotch whisky. Taking more than one hour to fill, the 311-litre bottle stands at 1.8-metres tall.

The world record was adjudicated by Jack Brockbank who was on hand to present the certificate that would earn FMH and RH their place in history. Their feat surpasses the previous record (set by The Famous Grouse in 2012) by 83 litres .

The moment the bottle was declared the world"s largest bottle of Scotch whisky.

Although the bottle alone is remarkable, the liquid that fills it is impressive in its own right. The firms had acquired two carefully selected sister casks of 32-year-old Macallan specifically for this day, which were married together by the Duncan Taylor team and bottled at 43% ABV.

This project has become known as The Intrepid through its association with 11 titans of exploration, including the world’s greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes (full list and details below). The explorers are featured on the record-winning bottle label with the aim of promoting their chosen charities and upcoming expeditions, as well as shining the spotlight on the theme of exploration. Despite Covid challenges, Karen Darke MBE, Dwayne Fields, Will Copestake, and Olly Hicks, all intrepid explorers with impressive achievements to their names, were able to attend the event in person.

Olly Hicks with "his" bottle of The Intrepid.

Aside from the 311 litres for the record, the firms have used the remaining 32-year-old Macallan whisky from the sister casks to produce an exclusive, highly limited bottling run. Only 14 sets of ‘The Intrepid’ are to go on general sale, with each 12-bottle set consisting of a replica of the record-winning bottle plus designs dedicated to each of the 11 individual explorers.

The moment the cork went into the world"s largest bottle of Scotch.

FMH & RH owners Louis Haseman and Daniel Monk summed up the project:

“Eleven of the most fearless and adventurous people to walk the earth, featured on the world’s largest bottle of whisky, containing some of the most expensive single malt available, and bottled by one of the best independent Scotch bottling companies. Truly one of one. And to put it into perspective, a single 70cl bottle of original 30-year-old Macallan Oak sells for £4-5,000 and a similar independent bottling fetches £3,000 plus. What we have here in our mega bottle alone is around 444 of those. We’ll leave you to do the maths on this.”

The record-breaking whisky will be auctioned later in the year, where it may break a further record for the highest price ever paid for a bottle of single malt. For any amount the sale achieves above £1.3m, 25 per cent will be donated to the Marie Curie charity.

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