Open house

Open house

Whisky Magazine's Damian Riley-Smith previews bourboun's hot event
Damian Riley-Smith

16 September 2000

Publication: Issue 11

Whisky Magazine will be joining the great Kentucky Bourbon Festival (13-17 September) to enjoy the pleasures of bourbon in the heart of bourbon country. Last year 20,000 people travelled from all over Kentucky, America and overseas to participate in the largest gathering of whiskies in the country.Based in Bardstown, where bourbon has been produced since 1776, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival is a celebration of the great tradition of bourbon making. The City Hall Lawns, in front of the impressive Spalding Hall, is the focal point, with dozens of booths, events, presentations and food stands.Kentucky opens its heart and doors to visitors during this week, and puts on unique events and gatherings only available during the festival. This is your opportunity to visit the distilleries, taste a huge range of bourbons, see the coopers at work, and even watch the highly charged World Championship Bourbon Barrel Relay. This event is being taken so seriously this year that Buffalo Trace have created their own mock track at the distillery so they can practise out of hours.A highlight of the week’s entertainment is the gala dinner, held on Saturday, 16 September. More than 1,000 people will enjoy whiskies from every single producer, presented in incredible displays hosted by distillery managers, presidents, family and friends. A true showcase of all the great bourbons, this is a must if you are in town for the weekend.The key to your enjoyment of the festival is to ensure you can get there and find a room. Below are a selection of the events on offer – for more information visit

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