Pachyderm parade

Pachyderm parade

Rob Allanson

16 January 2009

Publication: Issue 77

Team England has won the World Elephant Polo Championships at the Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Nepal.The English ‘Air Tusker’ team, captained by Robert McKenzie, raised the Tiger Tops Challenge Trophy after defeating the Chivas Regal Scotland Team captained by the Duke of Argyll, in an epic Auld Enemy encounter.In a hard fought final, the world renowned Chivas team began with a four goal deficit to England on handicap.During a fascinating encounter, England employed an uncompromisingly defensive strategy, encouraging the Scots to attack – which they duly set about with one relentless wave after another throughout the first half.However, as hard as the Chivas Scotland triple world champions drove forward, they appeared jinxed not to score missing the target by a whisker on more than six occasions as their hitman Peter Prentice, Chivas Brothers’ vice president in Asia and manager of the team, latched on to a plethora of well struck through balls from Raj Kalaan and the Duke of Argyll in midfield.The second half brought more of the same, as England’s dogged defence continued to suppress the frustrated Scots, adding insult to injury with a late breakaway goal scored by David Assad of Equestrio magazine.It was a defensive display by the English to match any of their finest sporting rearguard actions over the years – and the sort of inspiration that Martin Johnson would do well to instill in the English rugby team.The Duke of Argyll commented: “Although we are disappointed to once again be at the wrong end of a final, we remain hugely proud of our historic success.“This is one of the few major global sports in which Scotland enjoys world No1 status.”

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