Rampur Distillery launches Sangam World Malt Whisky

Rampur Distillery launches Sangam World Malt Whisky

The distillery, owned by Indian distilling conglomerate Radico Khaitan, unveiled its new malt whisky at trade show ProWein

20 March 2023

India's Radico Khaitan has announced its latest whisky launch, Sangam World Malt Whisky, at beverage trade show ProWein.

Taking its name from the Hindi word for 'confluence', Sangam is inspired by the proverb that an individual thing can be "greater than the sum of its parts". The blend, created by Radico Khaitan master blender Anup Barik, combines malts from traditional European whisky-producing countries as well as from New World whisky makers.

"Just like the rivers that flow from different directions, Sangam World Malt Whisky represents the convergence of the rich traditions of the East and the expertise of the West in the art of whisky making,” says Sanjeev Banga, president of international business at Radico Khaitan.

"Our team of experts has spent countless hours perfecting the blend, ensuring that every sip of Sangam World Malt Whisky is a truly unforgettable experience. From the aroma to the finish, every aspect of this whisky has been carefully crafted to deliver a smooth, rich, and indulgent taste. We are confident that Sangam World Malt Whisky will become a favourite among whisky connoisseurs worldwide."

Sangam World Malt Whisky (43% ABV) will be available in the UK, EU, USA, Singapore, Australia and travel retail from April 2023 (RRP £54.99 per 70cl bottle).

The Radico Khaitan distillery also produces the Rampur Indian single malt whisky range, including Rampur Select, Rampur Sherry PX, Rampur Asava, and Rampur Double Cask, as well as Jaisalmer Gin.

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