Say hello to Robin Redbreast

Say hello to Robin Redbreast

Redbreast Irish Whiskey is breathing life into its iconic robin though partnership with BirdLife International

07 October 2020

As part of an evolution of Redbreast Irish Whiskey’s brand, the distillery is bringing its iconic robin to life with the aim of inspiring a new generation of whiskey fans.

Instead of purely sitting as the brand’s icon Robin Redbreast has become its voice, embodying the sense of humour found at the home of the distillery in Midleton, Co Cork.

The new look has been designed to showcase the quality and craftsmanship found within the bottle; carved from wood and paying homage to the casks used in the whiskey-making process.

Alongside this new look, the distillery is also launching a global partnership with bird conservation charity, BirdLife International. The partnership will support BirdLife’s mission to keep the ‘common bird common’ by raising funds, helping to conserve and restore bird habitats, and support the charity in its quest to monitor bird populations so that deeper environmental problems can be identified.

“With the Robin being one of the world’s most recognisable birds, Redbreast Irish Whiskey is delighted to take the opportunity of the launch of its new character to announce its commitment to supporting BirdLife International and the welfare of not only Robins, but all birds.” explained Laura Hanratty, head of prestige and speciality brands at Irish Distillers.

Commenting on the new partnership, Patricia Zurita, CEO, BirdLife International added: “We welcome this partnership with the iconic Redbreast Irish Whiskey which promises support for our conservation work in Ireland and globally. With the new Robin Redbreast ambassador launched, we’re looking forward to working with the Redbreast team as they join us in our mission to keep common birds, and not so common birds, common.”

The ongoing partnership between Redbreast and BirdLife International, will aim to educate consumers on how to protect the common birds, and will see the first limited-edition Value-Added Pack launching later next month.

Robin Redbreast will feature in a series of digital creatives, flying in to share brand news and celebrate occasions with whiskey lovers across the globe. Shot on location at Midleton Distillery, fans can also expect cameos from Irish Distillers’ expert whiskey blenders Billy Leighton and Dave McCabe.

“We know that the Redbreast audience is driven by curiosity and that they discover new brands that they can engage with online. As we seek to widen the audience for the brand, it is a natural next step to introduce a modern-day digital evolution of our revered Robin that encapsulates the essence of the brand and the people who make it,” explained Laura Hanratty.

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