Scotch Whisky Experience opens new revamped tour

Scotch Whisky Experience opens new revamped tour

The visitor attraction has incorporated new technologies into its tour areas that chart the story of whisky's creation and maturation

15 November 2023

The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh has opened its revamped tour to visitors following a £3 million renovation.


The revamped tour features state-of-the-art visual technologies – which have not been used by a UK visitor attraction before – to tell the story of Scotch whisky's creation and maturation.

A couple explore the Origins section of the tour, which uses visual projections to show environmental elements of Scotch whisky production. Credit: The Scotch Whisky Experience

Visitors are guided through three areas on the tour: Origins, which explores the natural environment and raw materials that shape Scotch whisky; The Art of Whisky Making, which explains the process of distillation; and Maturation, which gives details about cask preparation and the process of ageing. 


The development of the new tour areas was led by attraction architectural specialists Hatto + Partners.

A new section of the tour on cask preparation and maturation sees visitors enter a room designed to look like the inside of a cask. Credit: The Scotch Whisky Experience

Susan Morrison, CEO of the Scotch Whisky Experience, said: “Bringing a wealth of experience together to work as a productive and creative team is the key to any successful project. Everyone listened to each other to enable us to deliver something spectacular, educational and unique to our visitors.” 

The Art of Whisky section of the tour uses suspended baubles and state-of-the-art digital visual techniques to describe the process of distillation. Credit: The Scotch Whisky Experience

Angela Dineen, operations director at the Scotch Whisky Experience, added: “We know Scotch whisky and we know what delights our visitors, to see these ideas elevated through the creativity and skill of the design team was so rewarding. The result is an incredible new experience that not only wows our visitors but also works operationally so our team are comfortable in the new spaces and excited to deliver the tour.”

The Angels at Work section of the tour, which describes the process of maturation and evaporation from a cask. Credit: The Scotch Whisky Experience

Three tiers of tour are available – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – alongside the food-pairing Tasting Tales tour and the Taste of Scotland tour, which includes dining at the Scotch Whisky Experience's Amber restaurant.


More information about the Scotch Whisky Experience and ticket booking options can be found at

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