Scotland's Woven launches Superblend of global whiskies

Scotland's Woven launches Superblend of global whiskies

The Woven Superblend comprises liquids from Scotland, England, USA, Ireland, and Germany that were selected 'solely for flavour'

06 March 2023

Edinburgh whisky maker Woven is looking past the Scottish borders in its new core release, Superblend.

Claimed to be the first blend of world whiskies from a Scottish blending house, Superblend comprises grain and single malt whiskies from distilleries in England, Ireland, Germany and the USA, as well as Scotland.

Through its new product, Woven says it wants to "challenge the consumer on their relationship with blended whisky", which is coming back into favour with producers after a period playing second fiddle to single malt in many markets. The company says that each cask used to blend the Superblend was selected "solely for flavour" rather than its geographical origin.

Woven whisky maker Peter Allison said: "Freeing whisky from geographical constraints allowed us to play with flavour and texture combinations that aren’t considered possible in Scotch whisky making.

"We are perhaps the first generation of whisky maker in Scotland to enter the industry without the innate belief that Scotch is superior simply because it is from Scotland."

He added: "The new generation of whisky drinker is more curious and open minded. They’re less likely make their whisky choice based solely on heritage and are actively seeking out new, interesting flavour experiences."

In total, Superblend comprises 11 whiskies from five countries ranging from three to 22 years old. In this recipe – which is published in full on the company's website – Woven has paid due homage to its home country, with almost 70 per cent of the whisky in the blend originating in Scotland.

Allison explained: "We brought together the candied fruit sweetness from the US and paired it with the smooth velveteen texture of Irish whiskey and a distinctive organic ‘funk’ from Germany. The English whisky is a robust counterpoint provided by the sherry cask it was matured in, while lightly peated, honeyed Scotch brings familiarity and structure."

Retailing at £45.00, Superblend is available to purchase from now, as well as select retailers worldwide.

Woven is best known for its Experience range of whiskies, which aim to evoke particular feelings, sensations, and emotions which stray beyond the boundaries of the normal whisky-drinking experience. Its expressions have found success in the World Whiskies Awards.

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