Smokehead partners with Netflix's Blown Away winner to create new whisky glass

Smokehead partners with Netflix's Blown Away winner to create new whisky glass

The Islay single malt whisky brand has joined forces with glassblower Elliot Walker to create a brand-new whisky glass

18 July 2023

Scotch whisky brand Smokehead has partnered with glassblower Elliot Walker, a series winner in Netflix show Blown Away, to create a new design of whisky glass.


Having built an image as a 'rebellious' whisky brand, Smokehead wanted to complement this reputation through the creation of a whisky glass that broke the traditional mould.


Walker has become known for his experimental approach to glass blowing and his technical proficiency. Following a prototype selection process this summer, the winning design will be chosen by Smokehead's audience through a social media poll. Walker will then produce a limited run of the glass, which will be available to purchase from September. Smokehead is also launching a competition in October giving people the chance to win a glass. 

One of the prototype Smokehead glassware designs by Elliot Walker. Credit: Smokehead

Smokehead’s Mikey Sim said: “Our partnership with Elliot Walker has been truly exciting and will allow us to bring another element of Smokehead to whisky aficionados worldwide. Getting to know Elliot’s creative process has shown how aligned we are in our brilliantly rebellious attitudes, daring to be different and breaking through the moulds of convention. This project enables us to stay true to our ethos that Smokehead never limits the ways its whisky can be enjoyed."


Walker said: “It’s a real honour to partner with Smokehead on this creative project, as a brand who is leading the charge on innovation within the whisky category and is unafraid of breaking boundaries, just like I am with my sculptures.


"I’m a huge fan of Smokehead and so it’s an exciting challenge to create a bespoke item that matches the brand’s rebellious and innovative nature – not only should it make a bold statement, but it needs to be functional and enhance the drinking experience.” 


A limited number of the new glasses will be available to purchase from September at

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