Speyburn opening to public permanently

Speyburn opening to public permanently

Following its first public opening at this year's Spirit of Speyside Festival, the 126-year-old distillery is launching a permanent visitor tour programme

20 July 2023

Speyburn Distillery is opening its doors to the public permanently following the success of its first public opening at the 2023 Spirit of Speyside Festival.


The distillery in Rothes welcomed visitors during this year's festival on a series of tours organised to celebrate its 125th anniversary – tickets for which sold out in just 12 hours.


Following an overwhelming response from whisky lovers, and securing the festival's Best New Event award, the distillery has announced it will open permanently to visitors from 1 August 2023 with three daily tours running from Tuesday to Saturday each week.


Lasting one hour 45 minutes, the tours will enable guests to take a tour of the distillery, including its old drum maltings, which have been out of use for five decades and still house an array of vintage equipment, and its traditional dunnage warehouses.

Speyburn distillery manager Euan Henderson. Credit: International Beverage

Speyburn's distillery manager Euan Henderson said: "There is something very special about the setting and atmosphere at Speyburn, perhaps because it’s quite a hidden distillery and one that has gone about the business of making award-winning drams that are loved the world over in a very quiet and modest way. But now it’s time to let the world in and we couldn’t be more excited.


"There’s no artifice about the visitor experience we have created. This will be a true taste of Speyside distillery life that will offer an accessible and enjoyable experience for all. This is about the people who make our whiskies welcoming guests into our home to share a taste of Speyburn single malts and the stories and secrets of how they are made. There’s 126 years of previously unseen distilling history here just waiting to be discovered in the heart of Speyside."


For more information on the Speyburn Distillery tours or to book, go to speyburn.com/visit-us/tours

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