Stauning Whisky launches El Clásico

Stauning Whisky launches El Clásico

The Denmark distillery unveils its whisky aged in vermouth casks

13 May 2021

Located on the west coast of Denmark, Stauning Distillery has launched a new Nordic rye whisky called El Clásico.

The expression is the first rye whisky in the world that has been aged in vermouth casks. For the first three years El Clásico matured in American virgin oak barrels, then followed on with one year in Spanish vermouth casks. The result is a spirit with intense taste of harvested grains, a spicy aftertaste and botanical notes; all of which make it the ideal partner for a Manhattan with a kick.

El Clásico is the third release in Stauning’s research series, created in its distillery in Jutland, where it aims to set itself free from traditions in order to explore new and innovative ways of whisky making.

Stauning’s El Clásico whisky will be available to purchase from Master of Malt and select other select outlets.

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